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Translations & Localization

hola, bonjour, guten tag, salve, nǐn hǎo. olá, asalaam alaikum, konnichiwa!

Translation and accessibility is very important to us.
As most of us are bilingual or have multi-language sistes and stores, we know how important it is to have a digital product translated into as many native languages as possible. That's why we have made a lot of effort to make sure that our Angular backend app useses the native Joomla translation system and we have tried our absolute best to track down every translatable string in all CommerceLab products.

We will continue to make sure that we can offer CommerceLab products in as many languages as possible.

That's where you, the CommerceLab community, come in. It has been clear that there has been a need many translations of CommerceLab, and thankfully, some of you are ready taken up the challenge of translating CommerceLab.

In an effort to keep the translations community driven and up-to-date, we have joined Crowdin to create as many languages as possible quickly.

Crowdin Localization Management

is the primary tool used by the Joomla project to maintain and update language files for the CMS. We feel lucky to have their support.

Starting with 26 Languages but we need your help.

If you can contribute your time and energy to becoming a translator or spell checkers we will be rewarding members with memebership perks or free extensions. As well as a special place in our hearts.

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