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affordable add-ons
made to to stack & not slow your website down by adding more

Use add-ons to increase your shops perfromance, add more shop features and convert more sales. Use these tools to help create a more robust shopping experience.

Coming Soon

Currently in active devleopment to be released soon.

Accessibe Accessibility AI

Automate and stay compliant with AI powered accessibility management from Accessibe

Inventory Core

Manage inventory of your SKUs from products, child products & Variants.

Multilingual Core

No duplicating products for different languages simply add your new copy for descriptions, variants & custom fields.

Digital Downloads Core

Use CommerceLab Shop to sell your digital products. Easily bypass shipping and manage your file inventory.

Abandoned Cart Core

Track and manage abandoned carts by shoppers

Free Shipping Bar

Showcase to your customers a price total needed to achieve a free shipping offer

Add2Cart Anywhere

Display different types of Add 2 Cart buttons using dynamic content sources in grids and single item source elements.


Creates a dynamic link to your product URL that allows you to let customers add an item to your cart directly from a URL.


Uae square to take payments and sync your inventory from on premise and your CommerceLab shop

Google Analytics GA4

GA4 ready for your entire shop and directly linked to your checkout, Cart & Order Confirmation pages

Questions or need an add-on not listed?

Chat with us about it. We'd love to hear about what your looking for specifically, or answer any questions you might have.
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