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All roads lead to growth

Updated for Q2, 2022

  • Working: Grid & Filter Phase #2

    Grid & Filter Core add on launch Phase #2 we're working to make Grid & Filter useable on both Shop products and Joomla articles this will allow for users to be able to use this add-on without Commercelab shop
  • Working: Release of CommerceLab Shop V.1.1

    Rolling out the latest version of commercelab with many fixes staytuned for changlog updates.

Up Next

  • Up Next: Component Updates

    Taxes: Adding in Avalara Tax as well as reworking the tax based systems for more advacned out of the bos tax options. This will
  • Up Next: Component Update

    Vairant Options; We will be reworking the Product variant options so we can add a universal functionality allowing for assigning vrints across multiple items and inventory rework in variants.
  • Up Next: Component Updates

    Multiplingual: We're working our approach for content to be multilingual in the products. This will allow user to not have to recreate articles every language keeping inventory numbers easy to manage and images to not need to be duplicated.
  • Up Next: Component Updates

    UI Dashboard backend rework. Adding our new dashboard for CommerceLab Shop preparing our installers from inside the component and managing your memebrship as well.


  • Grid & Filter Add-on Beta

    Grid & Filter Core add on launch Phase #1 for CommerceLab Shop products only. This is our primary category inedxing system for showcasing products and filtering them in templates as well as creating a single page full store index.
  • CommerceLab Shop V1.0.0 Released

    Launch of CommerceLab Shop V1.0.1. We've rolled out our first stable version of Commerce Lab Shop.
  • Beta Phase Completion

    Beta phase completion. thanks to all our early adopters for supporting us as we rolled out or beta. it has been closed.
  • Gallery View Core Add-on Released

    Gallery View core makes quick qork of adding gallerys of images to products add this to your shop to enhace your product galleries. Multi Item source for YOOtheme
  • Mollie Advaced Pay add-on released

    YOOtheme elelement created to take payments.
  • Stripe Advaced Pay add-on released

    YOOtheme element made for Stripe to allow one page checkout and Apple Pay.
  • Bundled Cloud Hosting Released

    Now available still working on the naming and page layout
  • Cloud Hosting

    Rolled out to all members to provide secure pre configured servers for hosting Joomla 4, YOOtheme and CommerceLab Shop. Any site is welcome but we will mainly focus on Joomla 4
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