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*Requires Joomla 4 & YOOtheme Page Builder
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*Requires Joomla 4 & YOOtheme Page Builder
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*Requires Joomla 4 & YOOtheme Page Builder
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Your Membership Includes:

To make the most out of your shops we continue to add membership perks monthly and work to make CommerceLab Shop the most affordable yet powerful solution available for Joomla 4.
  • CommerceLab Shop e-Commerce Component
  • YOOtheme / Joomla 4 themes w/ CommerceLab (quickstart packs)
  • Stripe and Paypal checkout elements
  • Access to free component add-ons
  • Access to purchase premium add-ons
  • Licensed Site Support & Self Help Forum Access
  • 20% off annual membership renewal

Included add-ons

Add-on a few key features that will get your shop moving. Free with your membership

Google Analytics GA4
Add2Cart Anywhere

Start with a YOOtheme demo that has the shop pre-installed

One simple setup and your selling

Get to selling quickly with our Joomla 4 YOOtheme demos pre-installed and configured with CommerceLab Shop. Add your products and setup your payment gateway and your selling in hours!

30 day money back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied we will refund you

General Questions

Do I need a YOOtheme Pro subscription?
You're going to need a YOOtheme Pro Subscription yes. If you don't have one yet use this link
Does CommerceLab Shop Use Joomla Articles & Categories
It does indeed use the core Joomla articles system.
How Does CommerceLab Shop Use Custom Fields?
You can create article custom fields in Joomla then add them to a CommerceLab Shop product category and then in CommerceLab Shop manage the fields add your custom content giving you limitless options for each product. It'll all be there in your YOOtheme page builder for use.
How is CommerceLab Shop so fast?
We build intuitivly for starters meaning we're thinking ahead for you which makes our UX and UI feel fast. secondly, Joomla4 backend allows VUE.JS which unlike JS makes us try harder as it's reactive and unforgiving when you try to cut corners so we have made our code perfection.
What is your exchange/return policy?
We do not take returns for our software sorry.
Does Support Cover Site Setup?
No. Support covers fixes and questions. Support doesn't cover setting up your site. It is assumed that you have a good knowledge of how Joomla and YOOtheme Pro works when using CommerceLab Shop The community and ourselves are available if you need help someone will help you.

What our users say...

  • I've been using Virtuemart for years. Thank god i no longer have to the CommerceLab team is amaing and have got me up and running in no time cheers guys!
    - Alex Frison
  • CommerceLab Shop is one of those components that makes my life as an agency owner so much easier. I can build stores for my clients in no time at all. I even have a side shop for myself that's bringing in good money. This is my go to component
    - John Arthur
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