Pro2Store x CommerceLab Shop Migration Patch

If you've been following our latest motion then you know we're moving out of Pro2Store and into "CommerceLab Shop". In order to make a seamless transition for you from Pro2Store V1.5.7 to CommerceLab Shop V1 We need you to install a simple component patch. This patch is will be available in your Joomla updater as well as this page for all to download free very soon.
If you're NOT currently using an old version of Pro2Store and are waiting for the full release to do a fresh install on a new Joomla 3 or 4 website this patch does not apply to you. it is only for people running active stores.

What is in the migration patch?

1. It allows us to change our business URL from to without effecting your updates in joomla via XML updater. We'd rather you not have to install CommerceLab Shop V1 manually over Pro2Store 1.5.7 if we can help it.

2. Watchful Key We're doing away with Download IDs. We find it annoying to have to add multiple download IDs to every plugin and extension individually so we've made it simple to add one key for all your components and extensions.

After the patch is installed navigate to the options area in your Pro2Store component and you will find a new tab called "updates"This is where you will add your encrytped Watchful ID you can find in your account settings in this website. Or click here

Patched Pro2Store 1.5.7 to CommerceLab Shop V1

The only way you will be able to update your patched Pro2Store 1.5.7 component to CommerceLab V1 via the Joomla updater system will be after you've added a CommerceLab watchful key with an active subscription.

If you're already a member you will be able to also download the lastest version from your My downloads section on this site as soon as it is available for fresh installs.

Reminder: the CommerceLab Shop Component unlike Pro2Store is NOT free

We have added both PayPal and Stripe plugins to CommerceLab Shop for you to use as part of a new subscription model. If you don't have a membership please take advantage of our pre-order pricing of £49.99. You will get two payment plugins for the price of one and one year updates and support with your membership that will restart date the day of full launch.

One of the following membership types has to be "ACTIVE" to update to CommerceLab Shop V1.0.0. You can review membership types below and follow the link to purchase if needed.
We highly recommend you check the status of your membership if you're not sure in your subscriptions area on this website.
We appreciate everyones support and look forward to releasing our software to you all it has been a journey and this patchis the proof that we are almost there.

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