Note and offer from "Cloud Chief"
Owner of Conscious Clouds Ltd

Thank you all for supporting Pro2Store it has since been aquired by my company Conscious Clouds Ltd. 

This isn't just a rebrand. Trust me when I say we're fixing the original Pro2Store component, updating the plugins and relaunching better than ever!  There's to many changes to list! you're going to love it! 

I took a few questions via Discord. here are the answers..

What's different about Pro2Store V2 aka CommerceLab Shop V1

We fixed everything we could find that was broken! Honestly there's just to many changes to list. 

Josh and Ray did an amazing job and did their best but two man team isn't enough to handle the scope of a component this large. We've got 5 developers on this to date, and i'm about to hire a dedicated support team. 

We're coming in light with the first version being joomla 4 compatible with all current features and a few new ones. All current plugins will be working perfectly as well.

We're going to be then rolling out new features and plugins almost weekly. Our VIP Agency community (the offer is stated above) and myself are going to work with my team of developers to push this ecommerce system to the top of the shop component food chain. 

Why CommerceLab ?

Commerce Lab is the primary company we've created using the original Pro2Store ecommerce framework. The framework itself can handle alot more than just shopping and we plan on using it as such by launching a full set of components all geared at selling different types of things. 

Quick Note: CommerceLab/Shop V1 is the same thing as Pro2Store V2 we just changed the name and decided to start over.

So what's the plan for the next couple of years?

A mass amounts of extensions! 

I'm still digging through a couple years of feature requests noting good ideas and a making a list to be voted on by the community. 

We're also building the following just as soon as we stabilize and launch CommerceLab/Shop V1.

  • Migration tools

      j2store, vm and hikashop, DJ classified

  • Bookings
  • Memberships
  • Live Streaming
  • MarketPlace
  • Affiliates
  • Loyalty

"This will also be available for Wordpress in 2023"

You can imagine the possibilites of all of these systems communcating, fully customizable w/ Yootheme Page builder, a desktop app and a full set of add ons for each. 

Thanks again, we appreciate all of you and can't wait to help you sell even more with the many Commerce Lab Solutions. Show your support and join the VIP Community, you'll be happy you did if you love what we do. 

"Cloud Chief"

Want to ask me a question? AMA on the CommerceLab 
discord channel

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