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Add-ons & Integrations is the name
modular code additions is the game

Different businesses need different types of add-ons for their website and store. When you add to much your store will slow down. We avoid this by coding modular additions that stack.

Core Add-ons

Buy the base we keep adding more to it

We build core add-ons for our components that allow us to expand  functions by adding modular additions that you can choose to add-on if needed to keep your site and shop lean and mean. 

Partner API Integrations

Connect to your favorite SaaS and useful tools

We build connections to your favorite SaaS companies using their API based integrations. Allowing us to connect them to our components functions and core Add-ons 

Modular Additions

Add only what you need when you need it

Modular additions might be a standalone feature for a component or an addition to a Core Add-on. Some Modular additons can connect API integrations to Core add-ons & components

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