Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. VIP Community FAQs
    What is the VIP Community?
    The VIP community is our highest membership priority
    Our community not only gets everything developed, but helps CommerceLab shape the features and components that get built.
    What are VIP Levels & Tiers?
    Levels are our primary groups of VIP community members
    There are 3 Levels, and 3 tiers per level. All have different features and voting pivilages. General members can lobby VIP members to get features voted in.
    Does VIP get everything you ever make?
    Seriously, we have setup the VIP community to get literally everything we develop. So long as the membership does not expire, a VIP member will continue to get everything we ever build.
    VIP Feature requests & voting
    VIP members can submit one request per build round. The requests are then voted on by the tier, then the top requests are voted on by level. All levels vote on the feature to be developed. Higher levels can veto feature requests if the total number of vetos outweighs the entire community.
    If I sign-up for VIP now I will have more privilege and it costs less?
    That is correct
    The highest seats in our VIP community cost less than our the last seats. This is our way of rewarding those who joined the VIP commiuntiy first.
    In a year or so how much do you think the VIP will be worth
    With all components and every addon & extension we have on the way, we've estimated a VIP community membership by Q2 2023 to be worth over £1200 annually.
    What happens if I give up my seat?
    Every member below you moves up one seat and the lowest seat becomes available.
    I'd like to become a VIP
  • 2. Subscriptions
    Will my shop stop working when my subscription runs out?
    No. Your subscription covers support and software updates for the time period covered by your subscription. Once downloaded, that version of the software is yours to use forever. You will be notified before the end of your subscription to renew in order to contonue to receive updates and support.
    What are extensions subscriptions?
    Component addons, elements and extensions enhance your shop frontend and backend experience. We offer annual indiviudal subscriptions for each and will be creating bundles as well.
    Does support cover site setup?
    No. Support covers fixes and questions. Support doesn't cover setting up your site. It is assumed that you have a good knowledge of how Joomla and YOOtheme Pro works when using CommerceLab Shop The community and ourselves are available if you need help someone will help you.
    What is the VIP Community?
    The VIP community is a program we've created to help further our development ambitions by giving members accessto everything we create. These members keep our project moving forward and are our primary project supporters. We work with them on everything from new features to if a new add on should be free or paid.
    Should I choose a starter or builder membership?
    We consider CommerceLab an under ACTIVE development meaning we're litrally making changes daily. A 6 month starter membership might get you into position to impress a client with an amazing store but you're going to want ALL our updates. The annual builder membership will keep you up to date yearly so you don't miss anything. AND you get 20% off extensions.
    20% off membership renewals?
    Yep! We don't offer auto renewals at this time, it's our goal to keep you with us by continuing the evoltution of our products and extensions. You should want to renew not be forced and discounts are our way of saying thank you.
  • 3. YOOtheme Pro
    Do I need a YOOtheme Pro subscription?
    Yes, You absolutely do.
    The website pagebuilder we use was created by YOOtheme and is available in their demo install packs. Look at it like this you need a template & page builder membership to use CommerceLab Shop. Great part is the membership comes with 100s of premade templates to choose from all made with Page Builder.
    Is it easy to get started with YOOtheme Pro page Builder?
    We would say yes!
    The community at YOOtheme is thriving, their discord channel has enough people to help guide you. Also they have an extensive YouTube channel that can get you moving fast. We'd say give it a couple of days and you'll feel like a pro.
    How do I integrate YOOtheme Pro + CommerceLab Shop?
    We would say yes!
    It's already integrated if you install CommerceLab Shop into a Joomla site with YOOtheme Pro as your template you're already integrated.
    Ready to get started?
  • 4. CommerceLab Shop
    Does CommerceLab Shop use Joomla Articles & Categories
    Basically yes.
    You create categories then create products in CommerceLab Shop (which are articles) and apply them to Joomla categories for use in your website.
    How does CommerceLab Shop use custom fields?
    You can create article custom fields in Joomla then add them to a CommerceLab Shop product category and then in CommerceLab Shop manage the fields add your custom content giving you limitless options for each product. It'll all be there in your YOOtheme page builder for use.
    How is your backend so fast?
    We build intuitivly for starters meaning we're thinking ahead for you which makes our UX and UI feel fast. secondly, Joomla4 backend allows VUE.JS which unlike JS makes us try harder as it's reactive and unforgiving when you try to cut corners so we have made our code perfection.
    When will your API integrations be available?
    Shortly after launch. We have partnered With Tax Jar by Stripe for auto tax calculations, Ship Engine for Shipping options / real time tracking & Algolia for advanced search functions.
  • 5. CommerceLab The Company
    What happened to Pro2Store?
    We aquired the core framework and expanded on Ray and Josh's Idea. We decided the community was important to keep together rather than starting from scratch.
    Are you a startup, and where are you located?
    Yes we are! Based out London England from San Francisco, California. We are solving problems in eCommerce and creating software stackable immersive experiential tools.
    How many more components are you making?
    We have a total of 8 components in the pipeline and we're using the development of CommerceLab Shop to position our code for a faster build schedule once we launch.
    API Partnerships for integrations
    Yes! Being from the San Francisco Bay Area gives us direct access to so many upcoming companies and established tech compaones in Palo Alto. We have over 100 partnerships in the works.

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