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Create a robust commerce experience without compromising security, stability or scalability. The freedom and power of the Commercelab Shop platform empowers you to focus on optimizing your business for growth.

Build immersive Commerce Experiences with Joomla 4 and YOOtheme Pro!

CommerceLab Shop is 100% integrated into the core article, category and custom field systems of Joomla 4. Aligned with YOOtheme Pro Page Builder your store and site design possiblities are endless and fully integrated.

No {coding} required

Say goodbye to custom CSS and template overrides.
All UIkit based CSS options are available in an intuitive style settings panel.

Storefront Design

Page Builder / Visual Editor

Easily launch and edit site pages & product pages with a YOOtheme's drag-and-drop Page Builder solution

Preview Before Publishing

See your changes as your customers then save and those changes are live.

Theme Customization

Powered by Uikit! Get fully-customizable themes with built-in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Mobile Optimization

Make your site mobile-responsive from homepage to checkout with any Yootheme Pro theme

Dynamic Content

We are headless! Add your product details and custom field information then apply it via the CommerceLab Shop dynamic content source to any element or template.

Checkout Customization

Customize every inch of the checkout experience from view cart through to thank you page.

Thank you Page Customization

Customize every inch of the checkout experience from view cart through to thank you page.


Use our currency swither module to let your companies shop in ther d


Localize the CommerceLab frontend in any language, use Joomla to create easy-to-use language systems

Terms & Codition page design

Order Canceled Page

We make it as simple as drag & drop

Drag and drop our custom store elements into a Joomla article, configure & save.
Add to Cart
Checkbox Options
Item Multiplier
Item Total

Make it even easier with templates

A template can easily be applied to all your products or a category blog aka product catgroy index. Simplify changes to your store & site. Adjust the template and the changes are made to all products that it's assigned to.

Build templates for:
  • Category Blog / Product Category Index
  • Articles / Products in Specific category
  • Featured Articles / Products in a Category
  • Tagged Aticles / Products

Storefront Conversion

Coupons & Discounts

Create native discount and promotions — no scripting required.

Site Speed

Our simplisitc headless content data sources keeps your site speed maximized for quick page loads and super fast storefront UX.


Harness the power of Joomla 4's built in SEO engines with out-of-the-box Metadata editing. Products are articles treat your Product SEO like you would any other page.

Single Page or Multi Page Checkout

Choose to create a view cart page or direct user straight to the checkout. All depending on your conversion tactics.

Cart Module

Our robust cart module allows you to create a fully custom path the payment.

Quick changes = big results

Changing the look of your entire store can be done through templates. Apply styles to specific products dependant on marketing campaigns or seasons.

Core Commerce Features

Scalable Catalog

Manage your entire product catalog within the CommerceLab Shop control panel. Can easily handle thousands of products

Custom Fields

All Joomla 4 custom fields are available for use as additions to product details. That data is then available in our dynamic content source. Including repeatable.

Custom Field editing

All custom fields assigned to a product category are available in the CommerceLab Shop dashboard, no need to go into a a joomla article to add custom product details.


Make Pending, shipped, confirmed, Thank you emails in one language or many. Send emails to your customers from the users dashboard.


CommerceLab Shop has a built in manual shipping system to build your own shipping matrix and will soon be offering industry-leading rates, with an upcoming broad portfolio of shipping partners.


Build your own custom tax tables or Automate your sales taxes with Avalara Avatax (coming soon)

Upsell products in cart

Get creative with your checkout and add related products you think users might like when their on their way to pay.

User Address book / save addresses

Let your customers store their addresses for he next time they purchase or to send shipments to different places.

Guest user orders

Account creation is not mandatory for customers, easily add or remove this feature.

Quick product view

Make changes to your products quickly in your dashboard without having to open up your product details page.

Product Variant / Checkbox Option templates

creat andapply temapltes of checkbox options and product variants across as mny products as you need or just one.

Creative checkouts

Get creative with your checkout, drag and drop the elements and create a fun look and feel for your checkout.

Shop checkout elements
Cart Items List
Cart Summary
Cart User/Login
Coupon Field
Checkout Notes
Offline Pay
T&C's Checkbox
Included payment elements
Configure your payment keys then drag and drop your chosen methods to the page to start taking payments. More methods coming soon!

Included with membership
Included with membership

We're in full Beta 🚀 mode , follow along!      Go to the Beta 🚀   Zone

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