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All the features you want, none of the hassle

CommerceLab makes it easy to build and manage your online store. At an affordable price.

Storefront Creation

It's easy to build your shop and website at the same time with YOOthemes Page Builder. All the tools you'll need are built right in.
CommerceLab uses Joomla's categories & articles system every time you create a product creates a Joomla article is created. Using the Website Page Builder you can then call content from the product details as dynamic content. Just like you would build a website page.

Page Builder / Visual Editor

Easily launch and edit site pages & product pages with a YOOtheme's drag-and-drop Page Builder. Easy to leanr easy to use.

Preview Before Publishing

Make a change to your site site it live in seconds. Once you have the look your were aiming for you can save and all changes are live.

Style Customization

Your entire site style is automatically applied to your shop, you won't have to style the shop again to look like your site. All styles are controlled by an easy to panel in Page Builder.

Automatic Mobile Optimization

By default your site and shop are mobile optimized and responve for a llscreen sizes. advanced settings are available if you need more customization on mobile or tablets.


Allow your users to see prices in your shop in the currency they use. One switch and your entire shop changes to the new currency value.


CommerceLab Shop uses the core Joomla language system to create multilingual content across your site and shop. Easily change content per language and auto trigger upon site entry or allow your users to change languages manually.

Fully Customizable Core Pages

CommerceLab Shop comes pre-configrued and connected to joomla articles that can be completly customized like any other article.


In most ecommerce platforms the cart has very few style options, in CommerceLab Shop you can make it look however you want.

Order confirmation

Make post purchase offers give user more details on the products they buy or offer users even more shopping options, all while displaying thier purchase details from our shortcodes.

Terms & Conditions

If you're shop requires terms & conditons you can create a very styled look and fell for this very boring document. Make it easy to ready and styled in a way that gets them to actually read it.


Just like any other page in your site you can build and change nything on your checkout page. With drage &

Cart & Checkout

With CommerceLab Shop you don't have to settle for the same old boring cart and checkout layout.
Unit tested for security and 100% stable, you can build a completly custom checkout exprience rather than a process.

Drag and drop elements and create a fun look that your shoppers will appreciate.

Guest User & Registed Orders

You can allow users the ability to checkout as a guest, force them to register an account or offer both options or one or the other.

Offline Payments

Request payment after checkout is completed. mark your orders as pending until you recieve a physical payment.

Cart module

Our cart module comes fully loaded with 100s of options and is mobile friendly. Choose between dropdown, offcanvas or modal window.Add it anywhere as many times as you'd like.

Upsell Products in your cart

Easily add products you think users should purchase to your checkout. Relating products could never be easier.

Cart & Checkout Elements
You can make your checkout just about anywhere on your website or on the checkout page. With our easy to use drag and drop elements.
Cart Items List
Cart Summary
Cart User/Login
Coupon Field
Checkout Notes
Offline Pay
T&C's Checkbox
Included with membership
Included with membership

Store management

Manage your shop with ease with our intuitive back end systems. Light wieght and simple, we've made it easy to mabage order & products in one simple layout.
Nothing over complicated to see here, our systems are lightweight and easy to look at. Just what you need to get the job done. Everything in our interface is streamlined and built with VUE.js. Choose between Light mode or dark mode.

Integrated Joomla Custom Fields

All Joomla 4 custom fields assigned to a product category show in your product detail. Easily add custom fields details from your product details pages. This information is then available in our dynamic content sources.

Zones & Taxes

Build your own custom tax tables for the regions. B2C taxes, B2B taxes, taxes based on default country, taxes based on billing or shipping country and as an overall layer, 4 tax classes

Product Variant / Checkbox Option templates

Create and apply tempaltes of checkbox options and product variants across as many products as you need or just one.

Discount Codes

Create as many dicounts as you want, assign them to users or for a certain amount of time.

Scalable Catalog

Manage your entire product catalog within the CommerceLab Shop control panel. You can easily handle thousands of products without sacraficing speed.

Quick Product View

Make changes to your products quickly in your dashboard without having to open up your product details page.

Emails Regular & Multilingual

Make Pending, shipped, confirmed, Thank you emails in one language or many. Send emails to your customers from the users dashboard.

Shipping Rates

CommerceLab Shop has a built in manual shipping system to build your own shipping matrix depdning on the regions you offer.

User Address Book / Save Addresses

Let your customers store their addresses for the next time they purchase or send shipments to different places.

SEO & performance

CommerceLab Shop was built with optimization and ADA accesibility in mind. Every part of our system including unit tested for ranking and speed.

Site Speed

Our simple headless content data sources keeps your site speed maximized for quick page loads and super fast storefront UX.

SEO Optimized

Harness the power of Joomla 4's award winning built in SEO engines with Metadata product deatil snippets.. Since products are articles you treat your Product SEO like you would any other website page.

Rank higher & lower bounce rates with a platfrom pre-built optimized.

Using YOOtheme's headless dynamic content systems and Joomla Custom fields our shops rank higher, load faster and optimize asset usage assuring customers will a smooth & speedy shopping experience.

Dynamic Content & Custom Fields

Adding more details to product has never been easier, text, text, fields, media, and more available in your prooducts if you need all served up as dynamic content.
Never worry about not having a space for information again . You have limitless possiblities and combinations with custom fields and dynamic content in your products.

Put Products anywhere on your website

Add products anywhere with ouor dynamic content sources easily. Sell from a blog post or create a custom page for a promotional push.

Multi-item sources

Use your product content in any of the YOOtheme elements that are made for dynamic content. the possibilites are endless.

Unlimited CUstom Fields

Make as many custom fields as you need. Assign the custom fieldto your category they will be available for us in our dynamic content sources.


At CommerceLab we are dedicated to helping you achieve sucess. We look at our members more like partners and will work with you directly to make sure your shop is working as you need.

Dedicated support team

The commerceLab support team is available to helop you with your shop 7 days a week, by email, live chat.

Community forums

Get involved in our community discussion forums and take part in conversations about the project and request support from the community at large.

Full Documentation

Find the answers you're looking for yourself in our user based documentation available for our members.

Products & Category Templates

Making simple work out of creating single product detail pages or make a temapalte and control them all.
Add to Cart
Checkbox Options
Item Multiplier
Item Total

It's as simple as drag & drop

Drag and drop our custom store elements into a Joomla article, configure & save. The elements are related to the product article so no advanced configurations.

Category Templates

A template can easily be applied to all your products. Adjust the template and the changes are made to all product pages in the category.
Changing the look of your entire store can be done through templates. Apply styles to specific products dependant on marketing campaigns or seasons.
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  • Articles / Products in Specific category
  • Featured Articles / Products in a Category
  • Tagged Aticles / Products
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