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A software company created to disrupt the overpriced e-commerce industry.

CommerceLab is currently in it's early startup phase, focused on creating affordable & overall quality e-commerce software.

Creative Member Collaboration

Communication creates clarity. At CommerceLab, our member relationships are partnerships, with a common goal of engineering success through collaboration on software design & updates.

Founded in 2021

Commercelab was created & founded by Marc Bell aka Cloud Chief acting as CEO & CMO. Since inception Milos Aleksic became % partner owner and is now acting as Senior Devleoper.

The Vision

Innovate, create and elevate commerce based software for shop owner and agencies to scale e-commerce based business at an affordable price.

The Evolution

A centralized system of commerce based softwares to be used to cover all aspect of online shopping, booking, subscriptions, marketplaces and more.

At its core, disruption is a successful alteration to a set of values, purchase patterns, and human behavior.

CommerceLab is here to make an impact on e-commerce. The company at it's core was made to disrupt the industry.

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