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Joomla 4 eCommerce made for Speed, Built to Convert Sales

CommerceLab Shop is a cutting edge eCommerce component created for Joomla 4 & YOOtheme Pro Website Builder.

Add-ons are now available for sale! Stable 1.0.0 and themse release tomorrow


YOOtheme Website Builder makes eCommerce & Web Design Simple

Simplify your web design and eCommerce build with YOOtheme Page Builder and the CommerceLab Shop eCommerce Component. Create unified user experiences easily with index and product templates that match your website design perfectly.

your eCommerce experience

CommerceLab Shop simplifies time spent on shop management without sacraficing the tools needed to scale an online store. Focus on driving more traffic, earning more revenue and less on sorting through over developed backend features and designing page layouts.


Faster Page Loads


Faster Build Time


Faster Content Creation


Rank higher & lower bounce rates with a platfrom pre-built optimized.

CommerceLab Shop was built with optimization and ADA accesibility in mind. Using YOOtheme's headless dynamic content systems and Joomla Custom fields our shops rank higher, load faster and optimize asset usage assuring customers will a smooth & speedy shopping experience.

Enhance your Shop
w/ Core Add-Ons & API Integrations

All of our add-ons are vetted and certified to work with our components made with ❤️ in house not by third party developers.

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Commonly Asked

A few of our most commonly asked questions
You can see all Frequently asked questions here. Or chat with us on Discord
How Does CommerceLab Shop Use Custom Fields?
You can create article custom fields in Joomla then add them to a CommerceLab Shop product category and then in CommerceLab Shop manage the fields add your custom content giving you limitless options for each product. It'll all be there in your YOOtheme page builder for use.
Do I Need A YOOtheme Pro Subscription?
Yes, You Absolutely Do.
The website pagebuilder we use was created by YOOtheme and is available in their demo install packs. Look at it like this you need a template & page builder membership to use CommerceLab Shop. Great part is the membership comes with 100s of premade templates to choose from all made with Page Builder.
Will My Shop Stop Working When My Subscription Runs Out?
No. Your subscription covers support and software updates for the time period covered by your subscription. Once downloaded, that version of the software is yours to use forever. You will be notified before the end of your subscription to renew in order to contonue to receive updates and support.
What Are Add-On Subscriptions?
Component addons, elements and extensions enhance your shop frontend and backend experience. We offer annual indiviudal subscriptions for each and will be creating bundles as well.
What Is Agency VIP?
The VIP community is a program we've created to help further our development ambitions by giving members accessto everything we create. These members keep our project moving forward and are our primary project supporters. We work with them on everything from new features to if a new add on should be free or paid.
Is there a free trial available?
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Is It Easy To Get Started With YOOtheme Pro Page Builder?
We Would Say Yes!
The community at YOOtheme is thriving, their discord channel has enough people to help guide you. Also they have an extensive YouTube channel that can get you moving fast. We'd say give it a couple of days and you'll feel like a pro.
How Do I Integrate YOOtheme Pro + CommerceLab Shop?
It's already integrated if you install CommerceLab Shop into a Joomla site with YOOtheme Pro as your template you're already integrated.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You can cancel anytime your subscription will be activ untill the end of your subscrition time.
Didn’t find the answer to your question?
Contact us for more information.

CommerceLab is powered by the amazing CommerceLab community and ConsciousClouds ltd.


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