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Blazing Fast eCommerce that is fully under your control!

The newest eCommerce Component, built for Joomla 4 to be used with YOOtheme Pro. Highly recommended by scaling shop owners and B2B web agencies.

Early adoption pricing: £69.99 yearly Sign up today

All the hardest parts of building web & eCommerce, made just a little easier.

With Yootheme Pro, you can build powerful Joomla 4 websites combined with our CommerceLab Shop component to drive more traffic, convert better, and earn more revenue at a quarter of the cost and 100% customizable.


Faster Page Loads


Faster Build Time


Faster Content Creation

What is
CommerceLab Shop?

An eCommerce Powerhouse of a component! to be used with YOOtheme Page builder custom fields and dynamic content sources, combined with Joomla 4s core systems.


Create your next eCommerce website in hours - not days or months

Go farther, faster, with Joomla 4, YOOtheme Builder & CommerceLab Shop. Build your next website from the foundation of a YOOtheme Starter template. Easily add functionality, like SEO, analytics, or search, by installing a extension. CommerceLab & YOOtheme gives you everything you need to build your next eCommerce web project - faster.


Faster page loads, better Lighthouse scores , and lower bounce rates

Joomla 4 gives you the fastest experience on the web, right out of the box. Boost Core Web Vitals, Lighthouse scores, and conversions just by switching to the Joomla 4 YOOtheme and CommerceLab Shop Combination. We improve speed by loading only critical parts of the page, prefetching resources, and optimizing all content and assets at build-time giving your visitors a buttery smooth experience.

Integrations incoming

Extensions are either free with an active membership or a premium add on you purchase yearly licenes for separately. Choose between 1 x 3 or unlimited site installs. Coming soon!

Join as an "Agency VIP" *£299.99 annually

We give you access to all of our components & extensions, help you build and support your stores. If you need something built in, will make it happen for you.

Component Translations

We have the infrastructure in place for what ever language you need. Help us translate proofread or Manage or language file updates

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Getting Started with CommerceLab Shop

Watch a quick overview of how to setup CommerceLab Shop
CLS Beta Updates

Beta Update: How to update from Beta 4.2 to Beta 4.3

We've made some major moves in the stability improvements of the Beta and are now ready for Joomla updater to take over. This is the walk through moving from Beta 4.2 to Beta 4.3.

We're in Beta      Check out our progress

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