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Joomla 4 eCommerce made for Speed, Built to Convert Sales

CommerceLab Shop is a cutting edge eCommerce component created for Joomla 4 & YOOtheme Pro Website Builder.

End of Beta coming at the end of this week


YOOtheme Website Builder makes eCommerce & Web Design Simple

Simplify your web design and eCommerce build with YOOtheme Page Builder and the CommerceLab Shop eCommerce Component. Create unified user experiences easily with index and product templates that match your website design perfectly.

your eCommerce experience

CommerceLab Shop simplifies time spent on shop management without sacraficing the tools needed to scale an online store. Focus on driving more traffic, earning more revenue and less on sorting through over developed backend features and designing page layouts.


Faster Page Loads


Faster Build Time


Faster Content Creation


Rank higher & lower bounce rates with a platfrom pre-built optimized.

CommerceLab Shop was built with optimization and ADA accesibility in mind. Using YOOtheme's headless dynamic content systems and Joomla Custom fields our shops rank higher, load faster and optimize asset usage assuring customers will a smooth & speedy shopping experience.

Enhance your Shop
w/ Core Add-Ons & API Integrations

All of our add-ons are vetted and certified to work with our components made with ❤️ in house not by third party developers.

Stripe Payment (Standard)


Gallery View Core



Product labeler Core

PDF Invoices & Receipts


Join Our Growing Community of Shop Owners & B2B Agencies!

200+ members and counting are now CommerceLab Shop Builders. Join our growing community and get started building your shop today.
CLS Beta Updates

Beta 4.4 Released

Proud to welcome the release of Beta 4.4 with a completely stable checkout using our two plugins that come with your membership .
Company News

Getting Started with CommerceLab Shop

Watch a quick overview of how to setup CommerceLab Shop
CLS Beta Updates

Beta Update: How to update from Beta 4.2 to Beta 4.3

We've made some major moves in the stability improvements of the Beta and are now ready for Joomla updater to take over. This is the walk through moving from Beta 4.2 to Beta 4.3.
API & Partners News

Cloudways Partnership

We've officially confirmed our partnership with Cloudways our favorite Cloud based hosting platform. Get your sites up in the cloud.

Translations & Localization

Component Updates
We have made a lot of effort to make sure that our Angular backend app used t...

Pro2Store x CommerceLab Shop Migration Patch

Component Updates
If you've been following our latest motion then you know we're moving out of ...

Farewell Pro2Store Hello CommerceLab Shop

Company News
What's different about Pro2Store V2 aka CommerceLab Shop? We fixed everythin...
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